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Gender Neutral Nursery Inspiration for Expecting Moms | My Favorites

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As an expecting mother, I find myself spending more time than I should searching Pinterest and other blogs for nursery ideas and designs. Technology has come so far, today you can find just about anything you could ever want or need for building your dream nursery. It’s exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.

When my husband and I found out we would be a couple +1, I couldn’t help but begin to pull together items I loved from all over the web. We made a personal decision to wait until birthday day to find out our baby’s gender; a surprise either way, but just a little more exciting to wait till the end. Personally, I used to think gender neutral meant grays, creams, whites, and blacks. For some, this may be the case and perfectly fit their style or vision – but I love color and knew that we would have to add bright colors here and there to satisfy my appetite for creativity and fun. From the beginning, shades of teal and aqua have been my favorite – we even incorporated those colors into our wedding.

In the collection above, I’ve pulled together some favorites, some inexpensive and other a bit pricey – but when a woman knows what she wants… a happy wife is a happy life right? My favorite item on the list is the Powwow Lodge Round Door 60" Teepee (1). This is definitely a want a not a need, but if you have room in your nursery or playroom for such an accessory, it’s definitely something worth considering. I think I’d set the teepee on a colorful area rug or blanket and fill it with some favorite toys, maybe something like the Crocro Crocodile (12). 

Essential to every nursery is a comfortable rocking chair. I prefer something more gender neutral since you pay good money for a quality piece of furniture like this. The dark gray Strandmon Wingback Chair (3) looks comfortable and very stylish for what I’m looking for in a chair. It’s bigger than normal and I love the option of having an extra high back for resting your head when you’re tired. One cool DIY idea is to remove the chair legs and stain or paint these Rocking Chair Runners (4) to add to the bottom. You can find the DIY tutorial at this link: Since the chair doesn’t come with a foot rest, I’m considering adding this adorable Sweater Pouf (13); it would work great for resting your feet on or as a small chair for your child to sit on and read a book when they get a little older. For an extra and fun accessory, I found this fun Large Cloud Cushion (2) in Black Stripes to add to the chair.

I’m really interested in a modern crib. The Classic Convertible Crib (11) is a little pricey, but not only is it a neutral color and would work with all of your children, but it’s also convertible. This neutral Feather Crib Sheet (14) is a great deal from The Land of Nod to go with this nursery collection and our soft and sweet Sketch Circle Organic Cotton Blanket (5) from Babysprouts & Company matches perfectly. I have always loved all the different varieties of mobiles available on the market. From plastic with musical songs to handmade, a mobile is not an essential to a nursery but it is another way to add some extra color. I picked out the Themis Décor Mobile (16) gender neutral and very fun. If you’re nursery walls are bare, adding your baby’s initials directly over the crib is a very sweet way to accent the crib. I chose the letter “C” (15) for our last name; the options are endless and adding all three initials would be just as sweet.

Another essential in the nursery, or close by, is a changing table or dresser of some sort. I love the style and room that the Little Smileys Changing Table and Shelving Unit (8) has to offer. You can fold clothes away and still display some other items on the shelves. After your baby gets too big to be changed on top, you can remove the frame and now you have just a solid dresser. Add a colorful Woven Storage Basket (7) or accessories to the top right side for storing your diaper cream, powder, etc. in. Just above the changing table is a great wall space area to add some art. The Wildlands makes and sells their art on canvas; this Giraffe and Elephant set of 3 (6) caught my eye, accented with some teal graphics pulling all the extra colors from the nursery together.

Another way I found to add some great color to a gender neutral room was to throw in an area rug. With a mix of color, this Curvature Rug (9) fit perfectly for what I had in mind. Last but not least is a Threshold Wire Laundry Hamper (10). It’s classy and lined with a big for easy transportation to your laundry room.  Ours would most likely sit in our closet space.

I’m curious to hear about your nursery ideas; leave them in the comments below!


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