about us

about us
Talent is Good. Practice is Better. Passion is Best.
-Frank Lloyd Wright-

It takes more than talent and practice to build something good. My (Amanda) whole life, I had a desire to "create". I taught myself to cut, sew, and construct clothing in 2014 when Babysprouts first began. I had bought my first $200 home sewing machine (which didn't last) but helped pave the way. I had the opportunity to turn my creativity and passion into a business not long after that. When we were first approached by a Sales Rep, I knew we had taken the right direction for our small business. From there we started to grow relationships with our retailers and steadily grew each year. The only thing that kept our brand afloat was the passion we had, despite hard circumstances and setbacks.

We hope that you fall in love with our clothing collections each season. The process starts with picking colors, prints, and fabrics. We keep our favorite styles from past seasons and design new styles with our team. Our mission is to keep our clothing soft, simple, easy to put on, and sustainable while staying trendy with kids modern fashion.

We are so grateful for your support!

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