Binxy Baby | A Review + Giveaway

Posted on June 02 2017

Binxy Baby | A Review + Giveaway

Binxy Baby has created one of those products that are so convenient for busy and working moms.  Whether you have one child or several, when you are required to shop without any help Binxy Baby can make such a difference with your little babe. 

The Shopping Cart Hammock is genius.  When you search the baby product industry, you find will find many products that are useful or can work for you but aren't necessarily needed. When I think of Binxy Baby, I think of comfort for not only the baby but also mothers.  Shopping for groceries and whatever else that you need while you are out and about is a big task with kids.  And sometimes babies just get tired of being in their carseats especially if its a big shopping-day trip. 

What's nice about the Shopping Cart Hammock is that if your baby is sleeping from the car ride and you don't want to remove them from the car seat than you can just stick the carseat on top of the Hammock. It is the most safe way to travel with your baby in a shopping cart anyways!  There is also a strap attached to the Hammock to buckle over the carseat for an extra safety step.  Since my little one is just past the recommended age for this Hammock, she's probably getting a little bit too big to use it- although she still loves it.  It makes her feel a part of the experience of exploring where we are instead of being stuck in a carseat that encloses her entire body.

The other very nice part about this Shopping Cart Hammock is that it rolls up nicely and decently small to fit in a diaper bag or purse.  There are many GREAT baby items on the market I love using these days but not all of them fold up well or can be stored very easily.  This is a major plus when your diaper bag begins to become a complete mess!

Shopping Cart Hammock- Binxy Baby
Headband- Kait and Kids
Hoodie- babysprouts|co


Binxy Baby was founded by Lisa Pinnell whom had the same issue many moms had when shopping BEFORE the Shopping Cart Hammock was designed.  During her grocery store trips, she needed to stock up on a week worth of food but couldn't figure out the best way to bring your baby along.  The carseat takes up the entire cart. She tried two carts, a stroller, and a sling but nothing worked very well.  Thus she began doing her research and designed the Hammock which is a SAFE way to carry your baby around while shopping.  


We have teamed up with Binxy Baby to give one lucky momma a Shopping Cart Hammock in 'Triangles' AND a Raglan Hoodie from us in your choice of color! (Sizes NB-18/24 mo)

Giveaway starts 6/2/17 and runs through 6/5/17 at 12:00am CST! Enter below + good luck!

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  • Katherine Kelly: June 03, 2017

    I go grocery shopping with my husband & little one or do the online ordering and curbside pickup. I wish I’d known about this when my baby was younger. Maybe next time!

  • jennifer bleakley: June 03, 2017

    Due June 19th, guess we will find out soon how to shop! I love the idea of the binxy

  • Christina A.: June 03, 2017

    Bring a couple of things in your bag to keep them occupied!

  • Rania R: June 03, 2017

    I always carry a store basket and push my stroller at the same time.

  • Onyinye Elochukwu: June 03, 2017

    I try not to shop with my kid. But if I have to , I’ll make sure he’s in a good mood first before leaving the house.

  • Stephanie Bushman: June 03, 2017

    Another great way to place the baby while shopping – while always keeping an eye on them!

  • Vicki L: June 02, 2017

    I put the car seat in the back of the cart and pile the groceries around him!! Luckily I’m still living off of freezer meals I prepped before he was born and have not had to do any major shopping yet!

  • erin m: June 02, 2017

    Have a list, stick to it, get in and get out.

  • Shelly: June 02, 2017

    I try to leave my kids with their grandmother. But when I can’t my 5 year old walks and my 23 month old is in the front seat of the cart. Due with our 3rd baby in October, not sure what we will do. Hopefully I can get one of these. It would be so helpful!

  • Kenia: June 02, 2017

    With twins?? To be honest it drove me crazy!! I would only shop at Sam’s because they had carts that could fit 2 babies.

  • Emily : June 02, 2017

    Currently, I have no problem shopping because I only have one toddler. But, I am expecting and I’m already dreading trying to shop with an infant and a toddler!

  • Samantha: June 02, 2017

    Well with 4 kids I kinda have to either wait until someone comes home so I can run by myself. OR I have to drag out all four n hope for the best and figure it out when I get there. Usually it’s 2 in the back one in the front and one walking. Leaving little time and room to shop.

  • Sydney Teeples: June 02, 2017

    Loved reading this review I’ve been wanting one of these so bad! It would seriously making shopping with two little so much easier!!

  • A. McBirney: June 02, 2017

    With just one child right now, I usually try to do grocery shopping or necessary shopping in between naps. With another child on the way now, I was wondering how it was going to be possible to do the necessary shopping with two in tow. Now seeing the bunch baby hammock, I know it is possible!

  • Jacki Tonyan: June 02, 2017

    By using the car seat.

  • Candace Galan: June 02, 2017

    Use a carrier for my little one

  • Dagmar: June 02, 2017

    I usually keep them in the carseat and bring toys along!

  • Alison V.: June 02, 2017

    Being prepared prior to going with a list.

  • Anna: June 02, 2017

    I love the idea of this hammock. Not only is it comfortable for the baby, but it helps keep your baby sanitary.

  • Iva McKinnon: June 02, 2017

    We take our cumbersome car seat in and put it in the shopping cart, meaning we usually use two carts and if one of us is alone with the baby, there’s practically not room for groceries and not safe for baby.

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